Answering Headaches, Neck & Shoulder Pain


Do you experience pain in you neck and shoulders at the end of a long work day? Do you ever have headaches with pain radiating at the base of the back of your head?

You’re not alone, we live in a working culture where we keep our heads and shoulders in a less than desirable position.

Either sitting at a desk on a computer for long periods of time, or sitting in a seat holding your phone or tablet staring down at the screen.

Since there is no real way to avoid it in today’s time, I want to give you a few things you can do in order to fight the development of kyphosis (aka Upper Cross syndrome).

Massage & Release

Whether you’re prepping for a workout, stuck in your office at work, or just chillin at the house after a long day, make it a point to massage your trapezius and neck muscles with a lacrosse ball, foam roller, or massage ball. You ca do this on the floor, up against the wall, or have your partner massage you!

Another area to consider is the pectoral minor and anterior deltoid. In other words, where your chest and shoulder meet. Massaging and releasing this area will stop some of that hunching or pulling forward of the shoulders which in turn round of the back.

Strengthen with Pulling Movements

A great exercise to help with loosening and strengthening the upper back is the inverted row. It helps you to be conscious of pulling your shoulders back and bringing your shoulder blades together for the pull. To perform, hang up a pair of suspension straps from a tree branch or doorway. Hang back holding the handles keeping your body straight. Engage your abdominals and pull yourself up and into the straps. Keep your chin and chest up, shoulders back.

Other resistance movements would include the following...

Horizontal Seated Rows

Standing Face Pulls

Kettlebell High Pulls


Stretching & Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to stretch the muscles during the workout after each set. It is even more important to stretch those same muscle groups post workout, holding the stretches for 30-60 seconds at a time. If you were to do those same stretches two other times per week, after 4 weeks you will see tremendous improvement.

Let’s fight against bad posture, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches induced by stress with this information✊🏾Contact me for more information, or leave a comment down below👇🏾Like and share this with someone who could benefit from it🙏🏾