Discipline For Fat-Loss


As with any goal, when you set your mind on accomplishing something, you’ll need to have the self-discipline to bring it to completion. Getting the body to reduce body-fat is no quick process. Whether you’re an Ecto, Meso, or Endomorphic body type, the process of reducing your body fat requires time, diligence and strategy. What’s going to keep you focused on that process? Discipline.

I remember hearing my former Pastor preaching a sermon on discipline. He had a military background, as he was a solider in the war in Vietnam. He put emphasis on the reality that discipline is defined as “doing what needs to be done, even though you may not want to do it.”

In the context of health and fitness goals, it is hard work to eat the right foods daily in order to loose weight. It is hard work to get up 4-6 days per week and make yourself exercise at the intensity necessary to get the body to mobilize fat. It can also be mentally exhausting to push yourself every workout while seeing little-to-no changes every week. Yet it is these small but difficult challenges that give us the opportunity to show discipline.

When you find yourself intimidated by a challenge before you get started, or even feel like throwing in the towel after getting started, remind yourself that things that challenge your discipline build your character. If you are serious about your fat-loss goal, do what needs to be done and trust the process.