How to Warmup Efficiently


As awkward as they may appear to the onlooker in the gym, these “warmup” movements are the difference makers when it comes to injury prevention. Doesn’t matter whether you’re about to do total body HIIT exercises, Olympic lifts, or bodybuilding exercises, dynamic movements are the best way to warm the joints up and prep the body for movement.

Keep your joints in mind: Shoulders, hips, knees, elbows and ankles. Crawls, lunges, squats, and hinges are ideal patterns. Before you begin your routine, consider what kind of patterns you’ll be performing. Depending on the exercises, you’d want to perform dynamic movements that will involve those joints and muscles.

For example, if you’re about the do a circuit of Russian Swings, 25m Sprints, and Goblet Squats, you’d definitely want to release and warm up your hips, ankles, and shoulders. My signature movements would be the Inchworm, Push-up, Spider-Man Lunge with T-Rotation on both sides, Reverse Inchworm, into a Prisoner Squat. I simply call it the Dynamic Movement Flow.