Is There an Easier Way?


The other day, a client of mine asked me for some advice regarding ways to stick to their diet plan. They said that they find it hard to stay committed and usually find themselves eating whatever on Saturdays.

One day (out of seven) of not sticking to your diet isn’t going trash your weight loss efforts, I told my client not to beat themselves up about it. During the rest of the week however, I had to let them know that the discipline is really on them to stick to it. There are no short cuts to it. There is no easy way to go about it other than making the simple choice of A or B.

To be honest, my own personal nutrition habits are consist of chicken breast, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. I’ve consistently eaten these things 85% of the time since I started lifting back in 2012. I know for a fact that when you commit to an eating regimen to produce specific results for an 8-12 week period, you see major results.

To again keep it 100, the process is certainly not easy, it’s definitley not enjoyable. It’s all about the end results. What is enjoyable is the ability to be able to say “I’ve sacrificed x, y, and z for 6 weeks and that’s why I look like this...” 

The advice I gave to my client (and now I give to you readers) is to stick to your guns. It’s always going to come down to a choice between A and B. It takes discipline to choose A while majority of people choose B.