How Hard Are You Working?


Most definitely, people start working out because they want to see some type of result. Whether it is the vanity of aesthetics, or to reverse internal things like high cholesterol, decrease stress, or sleep better. As we see come February and March in the gym is not a lot of people are willing to put in the work necessary to obtain the results they’re hoping for. For those of you who are sticking with it this year, how hard are you working right now? I would like to share 3 things to consider for reaching your fitness goals and make sure you’re seeing changes.

1. Weights & Reps - It goes without saying, if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. We deal with rep ranges to give you a sense of where your strength is. If you can easily knock out a set of ten with a particular weight, it’s clearly to light for you. I’d recommend challenging yourself to lift something that causes you to fail at 7 or 8 reps.

2. Exertion & Effort - If your goal is to burn fat, it will always include a high level of cardiovascular work. Especially if you don’t like running! The point of the circuit timers is to get you to expend a maximal amount of energy for the entirety of the 10-30 second intervals. You shouldn’t be able to talk or hold a conversation through the set. This is what causes that EPOC “after burn” effect.

3. Rest & Recovery - As it pertains to the actual routine, it is important to use the rest times to regain control of your breathing, stretch your worked muscles out, and mentality prepare yourself for the next set. If your mind is not focused on giving maximal effort in the next round, you’re only sabotaging yourself.

So... if you are serious about tackling your fitness goals; Fat loss, muscle building, sports conditioning, physique developing, etc... treat every workout session like you have everything to lose if you don’t give your all.