2 Things That Will Make Your Program Less Boring


After working in a fitness center for 5 years, I’ve found that clients didn’t really like sticking to a routine for more than 2 weeks. The problem is, they don’t have the time to adapt and get better at performing the movements and thus were slow to obtaining certain results. Results depend on consistency & repetition. Having different variations of one movement is progressive as it attacks the muscle from different angles. Too much variety however, hinders growth, stunting adaptation. Here are 2 things that will make your program less boring!

Number 1, you’ve got to track your workouts, record your progress! Personal trainers use something called the Principle of Progressive Overload. You should increase your weights a little each week (1.25-2.5 kg) overall. On your primary movement, plan to do 1.25 to 5 kilos more than you did last week! Or, you can increase your number of repetitions performed for x-amount of seconds per set with conditioning exercises.

Number 2, you should focus on movement mastery! Get your form correct, do you feel awkward performing the movement? Do you feel the correct muscles are firing properly? If you’re not confident in your ability to perform the movement at hand, the last thing I will do, is give you another exercise movement to perform. Teach your body to memorize the movement pattern. Allow your body time for adaptation.

So here is my challenge to you! Actually spend 6-8 weeks on a set of exercises. Commit to them. Challenge yourself to a goal to achieve a personal best as far as kilos lifted for a movement in 6-8 weeks from now! Focus more on progressive overload and give your body time to adapt and develop movement mastery.