3 Explosive Exercise For Performance

The other day I put a client through a workout combination that came to me on the way to his business for a session.

I just seemed like it’d be the best way to get him to work his entire body front to back, top to bottom, strength and cardio all in the same circuit.

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Cameron Williams
The Ultimate Conditioner

If your goal is to reduce body fat in a relatively short period of time, burpee’s are the way to go.

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How to Warmup Efficiently

Doesn’t matter whether you’re about to do total body HIIT exercises, Olympic lifts, or bodybuilding exercises, dynamic movements are the best way to warm the joints up and prep the body for movement.

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Is There an Easier Way?

One day (out of seven) of not sticking to your diet isn’t going trash your weight loss efforts, I told my client not to beat themselves up about it. During the rest of the week however, I had to let them know that the discipline is really on them to stick to it. There are no short cuts to it. There is no easy way to go about it other than making the simple choice of A or B.

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2 Things That Will Make Your Program Less Boring

After working in a fitness center for 5 years, I’ve found that clients didn’t really like sticking to a routine for more than 2 weeks. The problem is, they don’t have the time to adapt and get better at performing the movements and thus were slow to obtaining certain results. Results depend on consistency & repetition.

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Who is Trainer Cam?

Long story short, I delivered food for a company called Waiter.com. I began working out consistently between shifts. I got great results and my wife suggested I become a personal trainer. It was time for me to choose a career so that put me on the path I’m on today.

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